Mumbai: The City Of Dreams

Mumbai: The City Of Dreams

Dear Readers,
                      Mumbai, the financial capital of India, my home, is the city every Indian dreams to visit someday and to live in. It is known as the city where dreams come true, where people find love, where people become successful. I have lived in the city for over 12 years now, and I can now truly say, that I have fallen in love with this city. 
                       The vibe that one gets in this city is so full of energy, people here are always on their toes, ready for everything that comes in their way. The traffic, the crowded local trains, the hustle, the rush, every little thing makes this city special. Even travelling in an auto in this city every day is a different experience. I learn something new every single day. Even the sun setting behind the Bandra-Worli Sea Link is such a mesmerising experience. Mumbaikars, as we like to call ourselves barely get a minute’s rest, and I’d be lying if I say that we regret this kind of life, because every minute in Mumbai is as exciting as the last one. There is never a dull moment in this city. 
                       A walk down the Juhu Beach or Carter Road always calms me down. Just sitting and observing everyone in this city is a different experience all together. You will find all kinds of people in Mumbai, from different regions of the country, people who follow different religions, speak in different languages, and they all come together as Mumbaikars. The way the city falls together to celebrate music, art, even dance is so beautiful. The Kala Ghoda Festival, is the biggest art festival in the city, and is the perfect example of this. There are art exhibits there that are put up by artists from all over the country, even dance and music performances that are held in the evenings, with art workshops that happen throughout the day. 
                      Every Mumbaikar without a doubt is a foodie or a shopaholic. This city has so many eateries, from places that college students tend to hangout in, to really expensive places where people dress up and treat themselves to some good exotic food. Street shopping is another thing that people of Mumbai take pride in. Places like Colaba Causeway and Hill Road are the ideal places to get great stuff at affordable prices. 
                     Mumbai is a city where every single resident comes together in the face off a difficulty, whether it was the 26/11 attacks, or the time when Mumbai was flooded and pretty much every thing was shut down, it has always managed to surprise everyone by uniting against the hardships. Mumbai, is my home and I love it to bits and pieces, which is why I would like to bring something up; this city isn’t as old as cities like Delhi or Jodhpur, etc; but it does have a rich culture and a story behind every building. I think, that as the youth of the city, it is our job to fight and conserve the city’s culture. Many people don’t know the story behind each building, which is why in the upcoming weeks I will be putting up a series of posts talking about the beautiful and surprising stories behind so many buildings in South Mumbai that we all recognise but don’t know much about. In fact New York has more heritage buildings then Mumbai, and I know this thanks to the heritage walk that our school took us on, that was guided by Alisha Sadikot, who inspired me to do this series of posts.
                     I’m proud to be a Mumbaikar, and it’s my duty to preserve the stories that make this city. Thank you so much for reading! Byee guys, Take care and remember to keep smiling! Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle, and the sparkle of the city you love. 


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