If You Need Someone To Talk To, I am Here.

If You Need Someone To Talk To, I am Here.

Dear People,
Everyone has their own problems. Whether it is mental health issues, family issues, or even just simple peer pressure. Everyone has their own issues to deal with.
Some have small issues (or so society would say) and some people have really major issues. Similarly everyone has their own ways to deal with it. Some people keep it to themselves thinking that their problems aren’t big enough, some cry about it, feel guilty and then move on, while some people want someone to just listen to them, but they’ve been told multiple times that their issues aren’t big enough to be heard so they just don’t say anything and try to cheer themselves up. There also some people who just don’t know what to do, so they just ignore their issues and move on with their lives, until those issues keep coming back and hitting them harder each time.
In today’s world, everyone has issues, but not everyone thinks they are worthy enough to be heard. If it’s a simple test that this one person didn’t score what they expected, and that person is upset about it; society shuts that person down saying that at least you scored more than most people. In turn he/she feels bad about themselves and thinks that maybe their problem isn’t big enough. If someone is confused and doesn’t know what to do with their life, or doesn’t know where they are heading, society shuts that person down; saying that “you’ll figure it out eventually”. If a person seems to have a perfect life according or society’s standards, but he/she is upset about how his/her life is changing so quickly and isn’t ready for it, society shuts him/her down because ‘its a part of life’. If a person thinks he/she isn’t good enough for someone, society shuts them down because at least they have so much more compared to other people. If someone has an issue at home, society shuts them down because others have it worse.  If a person is upset about the fact that he/she has been single for so long, society shuts them down, because he/she ‘will find someone eventually’.
Which is why I want to tell you this. It is okay to expect more from yourself, because that drive and expectation is what pushes you to strive for more. You are allowed to feel bad about not reaching your own expectations, because how else will you grow? It is okay to feel bad about how your life is. Your problem isn’t small, it is as addressable as any other problem, you are allowed to feel bad about it, but do not feel guilty about it. You are allowed to talk to someone, everyone needs a shoulder to cry on at some point or the other. It is okay to be confused and not know where your life is heading, and you are also allowed to ask for advice. It is okay to strive for perfection and fear the fact that you’re not good enough. Most of us deny it, but we all have that fear. Just know you are good enough, and if you think something is missing talk to people, and figure how to fill that gap.
It is okay to be scared of change, people might say its the only thing constant about life, but you are allowed to fear change. Just remember it will only help you grow in the long run, so keep that in mind and go ahead with whatever it is that you’re scared of. If you have issues at home, and you need someone who will listen to you, I promise you there will always be someone who will listen to you, so don’t be scared to ask someone. If you’re tired of being single, trust me, focus on yourself and in the end someone unexpected will bring joy.
It is okay to feel bad and upset occasionally, and you are allowed to talk about it. Just don’t keep everything inside you, thinking the society won’t understand, because out of 7 billion people in this world there will be that one person who will listen to you, even if that person is your mum or your dad. If something is troubling you, you are allowed to address it. Yes, everyone has issues, big and small, and it may seem like everyone is too busy for you, but if you keep quiet, how will someone know what you’re going through.
It is okay to talk about your problems, and it is okay, to cry. You don’t have to be strong all the time, and just because you have a breakdown doesn’t mean you’re weak, trust me. You’re not complaining too much, and you’re not whiny either, and that is okay. You have all the right to be heard. Talk to someone who you can trust and who will advise you, it can be intimidating, but it will help you grow. And if all else fails, I promise you, I’m here to listen to you.
Remember to keep smiling, and don’t you ever let anyone dull your sparkle.

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  1. The essence of this article makes you feel connected to it. You can just relate each sentence. Very well written Arushi. Keep it up! Looking forward for more such amazing articles.


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