Fernweh: Goa, India.

Fernweh: Goa, India.
Goa, popularly known as the party spot of India, is much more than just that. It is a perfect blend of beautiful beaches, colourful Portuguese houses and exquisite food. A simple walk along the beach can take away all your stress, especially if you manage to catch the breathtaking sunset. I got the chance travel to this lovely city last week, and it brought back so many memories. I’ve been to Goa thrice before but it was when I was quite young, and so I didn’t remember much. This trip definitely made me appreciate the beauty of this place all over again.

Day 1: 


Top: Forever 21
Shorts: Vero Moda
Sandals: Crocs

We landed in Goa around 5 pm. The airport is in the city of Vasco Da Gama, and we were staying at a service apartment somewhere near Calangute Beach. Since we had just landed we decided to take it easy, and go to the beach to watch the sunset. 

After the sun had set we decided to explore the area and walked through this street filled with shops that sold clothes and more touristy things. I was trying to look for a place to eat on Zomato which led me to Google Maps, which turn led me into finding a night park near by. When we asked the taxi driver to take us there, he told us about a bigger night market in Arpora. So there we were sitting in the taxi ready to explore more of Goa. 

Beautiful Rajasthani Torans or Door Hangings,


Gorgeous Stone Necklaces


And of course, Bangles.


This is metal bag, is such a unique piece, which
I have been trying to find for the longest time
and I finally found it in Goa.


 Day 2:
After a relaxing read on the balcony and good nights sleep, next day was filled with us traversing through the popular tourist spots. 



Crop Top: H&M
High Waisted: H&M
Sandals: Crocs

The Basilica of Bom Jesus:

This is one of the oldest churches in Goa and in India. You can read more about it in the picture below. This church definitely resembles a European church, with the intricate facade. The interior is quite simple compared to the churches in Europe, but it is still beautiful. 


Front facade of the church


It was almost time for lunch by the time we finished admiring this church, so we decided to visit the Spice Plantation. It is a lovely place that tells us more about the spices that are grown in India, and I honestly found it very fascinating.



The fruit for which the Kokum Juice is extracted




Model of Cashew Apple


Peri Peri Chili


Black Cardamom


And my favourite, Coffee




Coconut trees that looked wayy too Tumblr 

The Church Of Our Lady Of Immaculate Conception:

I think this Church is like The Asiatic of Goa, because of its white walls, and photogenic architecture. This church definitely left me in awe. 


The last thing on that day’s itinerary was a boat cruise, which was definitely a very Desi experience.




Day 3:

I am a complete Bollywood buff, especially when it comes to the rom-coms of the industry. Of course, I had to go look for the places our Bollywood movies were shot, so we decided to rent a car and go road tripping throughout Goa looking for the places. 


Before we started our journey, my mum and decided to go to this designer store called ‘The Flame Store’.



Unfortunately, we didn’t find that many places, but it was still a lot of fun. We had lunch at a cafe called ‘The Black Sheep Bistro’, and the food there was amazing!




After lunch we were off to The Chapora Fort which is the iconic fort featured in the Bollywood movie ‘Dil Chahta Hai.’ The view from this fort was absolutely breathtaking. 






After the sunset we went to the Vagator Beach, where we managed to get some really cool long exposure pictures.



For dinner we went to this gorgeous restaurant inspired by Greece, called Thalassa. I absolutely loved the vibe and atmosphere of this place. It had a great playlist playing in the background and the food was really good too. It is a definitely you must go to. 


Day 4:
On the last day we went to the Mario Miranda Art Gallery that was right in front of the place where is was staying at. Mario Miranda is a very well known cartoonist who was a regular at The Times Of India. 
This was a trip that I definitely needed, and I finally got the time to unwind after my final exams. Goa, the state of sun and sand, left me in awe, and it is a must visit place of the country. 
Also, I also have a vlog up on my YouTube channel.


Thank youu for reading! Byee guys and take care! Remember to keep smiling and don’t let anyone dull your sparkle!
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  1. WOW, this is like a guide of Things To Do When In Goa, I'm thrilled!
    This is amazing work, and the exposure pictures have come about beautifully.
    Keep up the good work, Arushi, I feel damn proud to be of your acquaintance.


  2. Amazing presentation of pictures as well as description of the place.You have covered up some places that were unknown to me and this makes it evident to visit those places.Awesome outfits.Keep writing.Wating eagerly for the next one.


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