DIY: Ripped Jeans Makeover

DIY: Ripped Jeans Makeover
You open the cupboard because you have a movie or party to go to, and you realise you have nothing to wear. Trust me, its the story of my life. It’s a good thing that I have a DIY for you to revamp your old jeans., in times of such dilemma.
Here’s what you need:
Some Fabric: I got mine from Crawford Market.
A scale.
A pair of scissors or a roller cutter.
A pen/pencil.
A cutting mat (if you’re using a roller cutter)
Fabric Glue.
And of course, a pair of jeans.
1. Cut two rectangular pieces that will go around the ankle part of the jeans, and cut a few squares, depending on the number of rips you want to put the fabric on.
2. Fold the edges in for cleaner look and iron it so that it stays.


3. Align the wrong side of the fabric with the inside of the jeans, and pin it in place.
4. Stitch the two pieces together. You can either hand stitch it or use sewing machine like I did, if you have one.
5. Once you’re done stitching one side of the fabric, now stitch the other side.
6. This should be your end result.
7. Now, apply fabric glue around the rip and place the piece of square fabric on it. (P.S. If you can then I think hand stitching it, is the best option)
8. This should be the result. 
Andd, here’s how it looks!




Jeans: United Colors Of Benetton
Camisole: Forever 21
Shirt: Irla Market, Mumbai
Shoes: Metro 

I hope this helped you, and now you have a new way to upcycle your old jeans. Let me know if you want me to do more DIY’s. Thank youu for reading! Byee guys and take care! Remember to keep smiling and don’t let anyone dull your sparkle!
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